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We are Dreamin' Dolphin


Dreamin Dolphin is an animation production company in love with storytelling. Original, visionary and appealing  storytelling.  Be it animated feature films, TV series or any exciting or future  format, we are  dedicated to create wonderful stories set in stunning visual worlds.


Based in Munich, Germany, Dreaming Dolphin is an established animation house, with sister companies both in Germany and Denmark as well as strong affiliations and partnerships across  the globe.


"Latte and the Magic Waterstone"

Our latest production, the animated feature film “Latte and The Magic Waterstone”, starring the hot-headed and absolutely irresistible hedgehog Latte and her kinda timid buddy, Tjum the squirrel. The two unlikely friends ventures out on a perilous quest to find the legendary Bear King and reclaim the magic waterstone to safe the forest from drying and dying.

“Latte” enjoyed her world premiere in December 2019 and she is currently traveling the world. Don't miss her!



When you're the only ghost around, finding a place to belong is not easy. And all Elli wants is a family to love. But when she suddenly finds herself trapped on a renegade ghost train ride together  with a dysfunctional monster family, she realises that sometimes one should be careful what one wish for! 

- 85' Animated Feature (CGI)

- Action/Adventure for the entire family.

A Zooperfilm/Dreamin' Dolphin/Carpe Diem/Belga Film production.

"Elli" swooshes into production early 2021 - so stay tuned  for more ghostly news and artwork coming your way.



Young Chrissy’s biggest wish is to assist Grandpa Santa deliver all the presents on Christmas Eve - and this year she has decided that she is ready to fly!  But knowing that you've been gifted with magic powers is not the same as knowing the difference between naughty and nice!    


- 85' animated feature (CGI)

- Adventure/Comedy for the entire family 

LMS_Teaserposter_DD Logo.jpg


"Along came a long, long winter,

Bitter, dark and cold. 

Shut-in with nothing to do,

The animals are feeling winter-blue.

Stories of snow-monsters and a winter King,

Made them fear what the outside could bring. 

But, a brave little bear will change their fate -

"I will save my friends before I hibernate."

- 80' Animated Feature (CGI)

- Faritale comedy for a Family audience


"Granny Samurai and I"


5. Granny Samurai is small and dangerous to know.

     She is a living weapon.

4. Samuel Johnson is 10, likes reading and baking,

     doesn’t like..being bullied at school. 

3. The Monkey King is multi-bonkers, and massive. 

2. The fight is on! 


1. Coming to the big screen, soon! 

-85' Animated Feature (CGI)

-A very different kind of action adventure for

  the entire family.

Created and written by John Chambers.

A Dreamin' Dolphin/Parka Pictures production.

Granny Samurai copy.png

The Team


Prof. Lilian Klages

 CEO // Producer // Partner

Thomas Pix DD_01-2019.jpg

Thomas Müller

CLO // Partner


Jesper Møller


At Dreamin Dolphin we are dedicated to create, finance and produce high quality animated entertainment and we take pride in our endless ambition to provide visionary animated stories to audiences everywhere.


In addition to our prime focus on animated feature films, we’re deeply engaged in developing animated storytelling to and for all present and future formats and platforms.

Our creative and operational presence is strong in both Germany and throughout Europe, but with our vast network of individual talent, studios and partners throughout the world, our focus remains universal.




Building strong story worlds and producing high quality animation is in all ways a team effort. Besides consisting of cool people, the artistic, dynamic and professional quality of the team equals the quality of the final product. This is also how we regard our great partner studios - as part of the big team. Together we are strong, together we can embrace more and reach higher - and together we can share our wildest dreams and most challenging ambitions.

Contact Us


Römerstrasse 26, 80803 München - Germany

Drop us a line.

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© 2019  Dreamin' Dolphin Film GmbH

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